Saturday, April 2, 2016

Farmer's Market ~ Halifax

General Conference Weekend ~

When Conference Doesn't Begin Until 1pm ~

We went to the Halifax Farmer's Market with the Nelson's. They are a wonderful couple! We love them!!
Little did we know that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the same idea. 

To say that the crowds were huge is an understatement. 
I felt sorry for the vendors. 
They had no chance to sell their products, there were so many people there to see Trudeau. 

Loved this vendor's fun spin and humor!

We purchased bread, bacon, pork chops, jewelry, apple cider, cheese....... 
The farmer's market is so fun!
I didn't purchase an emu egg, but was fascinated by them. 

Afterward we headed to a really yummy restaurant!
What better place to go with Charlotte & Darrell than 

Spudskins was my choice for the day!
Not pictured is an amazing cranberry milk shake. 
The entire meal was so yummy!

Laurence opted to try the Award Winning....
Peanut Butter Burger....
He had fun trying it, but I don't think he'll do it again. 
It came with Darrell fries. They were really good. 

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