Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nova Scotia..... amazing history!

Adventures with Aisling Continue......

Aisling came during one of the biggest cold snaps we had this winter. 
We had to determine each days activities based on the weather report. 
I love the RMS Atlantic Park that memorializes the sinking of the passenger ship. 
The RMS Atlantic was built by the White Star Line. The same company that built the Titanic. 
It ran aground and sunk on its 19th voyage. This was a case where women and children first was a detriment to them. 
The life boats were washed away, by the time the crew figured out how to modify the rescue operations,
the women and children were all drown with the exception of one 12 year old boy. 
The park here has memorial and cemetery. 
Recovery and burial of the large numbers of victims took weeks. Divers were paid rewards for recovering the many bodies trapped within the hull. According to one newspaper account, a body of one of the crew members was discovered to be that of a woman disguised as a man. "She was about twenty or twenty-five years old and had served as a common sailor for three voyages, and her sex was never known until the body was washed ashore and prepared for burial. She is described as having been a great favorite with all her shipmates, and one of the crew, speaking of her, remarked: 'I didn't know Bill was a woman. He used to take his grog as regular as any of us, and was always begging or stealing tobacco. He was a good fellow, though, and I am sorry he was a woman."

We went from Terence Bay to Lower Prospect. 
The ice was beginning to break up. 
I love the look of it when it breaks like this. 
I don't know, but I suspect that it is breaking from the tide coming in. 
Even on a blustery day the ocean is beautiful!
How fun is this?!
I hope to be able to see it in the summer when it is working. 
I insisted on making it to Prospect Bay. 
I had gotten pretty sea glass there before and didn't want to miss an opportunity. 
I wasn't disappointed. 
Ya gotta love this!! haha!!
Truly, every day we spend serving the Lord in Nova Scotia, we are happier than a bird with a french fry!
Having Aisling here just added malt vinegar to the french fry!! 

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