Thursday, February 11, 2016

Another Great Day Showing off Nova Scotia to Aisling

Is there anything more enjoyable than fun with family? 

A panorama of the Caribou Island Lighthouse.

After an enjoyable night in Truro, we headed to Pictou. 
There are so many beautiful churches throughout Nova Scotia, 
This one particularly caught my attention. 
The beauty in the snow was astounding. 

I talked Aisling and Laurence into driving to Caribou Island to see the lighthouse there. 
It's not in the best of repair, but it was surely in a beautiful spot. 
I loved watching the icebergs float by. 
It was so peaceful and serene. 
One mistake I made was to stand too long in the wrong place. 
My body heat melted the snow and ice I was standing on. 
Suddenly I started to sink down into the sand and gravel. What a crazy feeling! 

On the way home, we passed through Stewiacke.
Stewiacke's claim to fame is that of being mid-way between the equator and the North Pole. 
Their other claim to fame is that the skeleton of a mastodon was discovered there. 

As you can tell, we love this land and it's people!
We feel so blessed to be able to serve here and to learn more of the history.
I know now that my Canadian history was seriously lacking! 
I guess my dad was right..... he used to say, pay attention, you just might learn something. 

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