Saturday, February 13, 2016

Our Last Day Exploring

Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market

The oldest Farmer's Market in North America
Sadly, this does not do the crowds justice. 
This is such a fun place to wander. 
We ate a yummy breakfast there. 
Saw all kinds of products, some we were familiar with, some we weren't. 

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

After a fun time at the Farmer's Market, Aisling and I headed to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. 
What a great museum. 
Halifax should be proud of their museums!

The Titanic sank not far from Nova Scotia, many of the casualties from the ship are buried in the Halifax area. 

Lots of interesting material about ships and such through the years. 

Bluenose was a fishing boat/racing schooner, built in 1921. 
You will find the Bluenose on the back of the Canadian dime. 
The locals are very proud of the Bluenose.

I would love to sail on the Bluenose II. 
It sails out of Lunenburg and Halifax on sight seeing tours
throughout the summer. 

Halifax has a lot of sad history. 
The Halifax Explosion has to be one of the saddest. 
Before I came here, I'd never heard of it.
For Christmas I received a book about the explosion. 
Reading that along with visiting the museum and other reading has really broadened my understanding. 

Aisling can be the Captain of the ship anytime!!
Such a fun time we had together!!

At the museum we attended a workshop to make Sailor's Valentine's. 

Sailor's Valentine's were originally thought to be the handiwork of 
sailors as they spent weeks and months at sea. 
It is now known that they were usually made in Barbados and sold to the sailors to take home to their loved ones. 
The top left one is Aisling's
The top right is Sidney's.
The bottom ones were real ones on display in the museum. 

Occasionally I get to be the captain. 
Alas, the time of her departure arrived. 
We miss her a lot, and look forward to her next visit!
May our "little girl" be kept in the hollow of His hand. 
What more can I say? 
We love our life! 
We love serving our Father in Heaven.
We love being in Nova Scotia. 
We love the people here.
We love our family at home. 
Life is good!

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