Sunday, October 2, 2011


We went to Baltimore for the Health Food show.... It began wonderfully.
No self-respecting trip to the east coast could possibly begin with anything but fish n chips.
These were WONDERFUL!!
I LOVE good fish & chips with malt vinegar.
One of my many loves I gained on my mission to Ireland.
 Day One~~ Set up Day
Mom in definately the Queen Bee
She keeps us all in line.

Dave was the man of the hour; anything you needed done he would do it.
We must have needed him to look handsome at this time. :)

Viv, the ever ready bunny go-getter.... does she EVER rest???
I love getting to do the shows with her and Dave.
This is what everything looks like when we start.
Aisles filled with freight boxes, and the only thing in our booth is a piece of carpet.
Usually set-up takes just a few hours, but we had several complications this year and it ended up taking us a long day.  

Then the magic happens~~~~
By 10 a.m. the following day we're ready to sell....
Are you ready to buy???

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