Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day on the Big Horns!

Friday we went up on the Big Horns. We had a such a delightful time AND a delightful surprise.
We spent the night Friday then went to Billings Saturday morning where we got to spend the day in the temple.
Arriving back on the mountain Saturday evening we did little before heading to bed.
How delighted were we when we woke up the next morning to find my niece Betsy was camped across the road from us! We had seen their camper, but had no idea it was hers, she had never seen our camper either.

Sunset over the Big Horns

We got to eat a couple of meals with Betsy and her family!

Betsy and Jack
Jack cut his finger.

Colton and his beagle
I think this is a perfect picture of the 21st century boy and his dog!!

Ty and Shelby
Getting everything ready to re-load the 4-wheelers

These kids are pro's on their 4-wheelers!

Keeping up the Pitt tradition.... the man does the cooking while camping!
We are coming to absolutely LOVE our volcano cooker.

Cooked perfectly on the volcano cooker!

No camping trip is complete without a campfire!!

"Have you found your roots yet?"
"Where do your roots lead you?"

We ran onto this little guy in the forest. He just ran up the tree, sat there until I snapped a few pictures then away he went! Guess he has dreams of Hollywood!! There would be plenty of nuts there!!

Splash Dams

This is a splash dam.
It was built in about 1905.
The logs were rolled into the water above the dam then when the conditions were right the gate was opened and the logs were washed to small ponds near a flume entrance. From there they were washed down the flume to the mill near Dayton Wyoming.

Logs at the base of the Splash Dam
Unfortunately I don't have pictures of our other surprise. Kent, Jason, Ruth (Jason's friend), Gene and Ginny came to visit. I thought they were going to be staying longer than they did and they were gone before I thought to take out the camera.

The end of a wonderful summer!!


  1. Aren't those awesome captions! You crack me up! So, do you still enjoy your camper? We head out soon for our long adventure!

    I adore those 4 wheel pictures! You are right. Your pictures of a boy and his dog is a wonderful modern picture!

  2. We LOVE the camper!! So much to learn, but it's been so fun!!
    Keep me updated on the long adventure!! XOXO

  3. Yes. Perfect ending to a wonderful summer.

  4. Sounds so nice. Glad you had a good time.


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