Saturday, October 8, 2011

Headed Out from Baltimore....

Prior to the show Viv decided she was going to send care packages to her soldiers; Erick, Tera's husband and Zachary, Sage's husband. We all had fun trying to get all we could for their care packages. Aisling was the very best at that!!
Viv and Aisling emptying out our "STASH" on the bed.
Can you believe everything we got.
Not everything would fit in the boxes.

The "stash" is sorted and ready to go into the individual boxes for our soldiers,
Erick and Zachary.

Our last dinner with Aisling, she wouldn't let me take her pic so I took pictures of Laurence, Viv & Dave.
We went to a really cool little restaurant in Annapolis, Maryland down on the pier.

Aisling headed to security at the BWI airport....
Off she headed for her German adventure...
 The following day after we mailed the packages we headed out to Thad & Kim's. They live on the Air Force Base near Boston.  It was a beautiful drive.
But here is what we really went for......

GRANDMA hugs!!
Mom, Dave, Viv, baby Grayson, and Kim.


  1. It was so much fun Tracy!! I love spending time with your family!! They are the BESTEST!!

  2. I can't wait to hear that Erick received the packages. You guys are awesome!


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