Thursday, October 20, 2011


I belong to blogging/photography groups on Facebook. Cricket Walker is the leader of these groups. An assignment she gave us some time ago was to write about the following: “WHO AM I?” I have given this a lot of thought since receiving the assignment. Cricket likes to give blogging assignments that are not easy, and make you think beyond the surface and trite.

I am a Mormon,(The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) for each individual their religion has a different place in their life. For me, my religion defines who I am.

I am a daughter. Not only of my mother and father, but also of my Heavenly Father. He loves me and I love Him. I love my Father in Heaven and have complete faith in Him and His Son Jesus Christ.

I am a very, very blessed woman!! I waited until the ripe old age of 29 to marry for the first time; but when I did marry I hit the jackpot!! My husband is an incredible man who is so understanding of me, my family and all the attending idiosyncrasies. (No small task!)

I am a woman with an incredible daughter. I wish I had been half the woman she is when I was her age! I love her dearly! ♥

I am an emotional wimp!! Many people think that I am pretty tough and resilient. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just wear a great mask.

I am actually very sensitive. I get anxiety attacks easily. I want to cry frequently. I work hard at all that I do and take it very personally when I feel attacked or unappreciated.

I am a fighter for the underdog. You will always find me standing with the individual under attack (if the attack is unjustified). I really hate when people are given special privileges just because of who their friends/family are. Even as an adult, I seldom am close friends with the “popular” group, and I abhor cliques.  

I value integrity. Tell me anything you want, but DO NOT LIE to me!! I may hold that against you forever.

I am a lover of all things artistic, whether it be arts and crafts, photography, dancing, music etc. I try my hand at many of them, but certainly know my limitations.

I am a teacher. I love teaching, especially high school age kids. I have taught church classes, stained glass classes, classes on food storage and preparation.

I am a woman who would like to have the opportunity to enjoy the “finer things of life”.

I am a prideful woman. I take great pride in my yard. It is very depressing to me when the yard is not beautiful.

I am a woman who likes to travel, see the world and eat seafood while doing it.

I LOVE all things Irish. The people, the country, the smells everything!! I lived in Ireland for 18 months while serving a mission for my church. There is no better way to learn to love people than to serve them.
I am a woman dependant on drugs….. yes, until I met my anti-depressants my life was much different. My husband makes sure I never run out.

WHO AM I?  It probably depends on who you talk to....but this is how I see me.


  1. And you are stunningly beautiful both inside and out....

  2. Thank you Cricket!! You are an awesome leader!!

  3. Really, great assignment. I enjoyed reading this post, Sidney!

  4. Thanks Carmen!! Now it's your turn! :)

  5. Good post mom!! I liked it alot!

  6. Thank you Aisling!! I would love to read yours!! :)

  7. You are amazing! And I am blessed to be related to you!!!


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