Thursday, October 6, 2011

♫♪ Food, Glorious Food!! ♪♫

Every trip to the coast requires seafood!!
This was no exception.
Aisling found a restaurant she wanted to go to.
She called for reservations and we were delighted to find that because
they are located in Little Italy and there is no parking there
 they come to the Inner Harbor hotels and pick you up!!
Viv was thrilled to not have to drive down there.

This is what both Aisling and I ordered.
The food was so yummy and there was so much of it!

Mom had pasta with mussels and other seafood.
She said it was really really good.
Dinner was delicious, but it really needed a little bit of sweet to follow....
We wanted to be sure we didn't disturb any of the guests
as we tip-toed down stairs to the restaurant.
Oh Yes, we do know how to live!!!
Lemon Coconut Cake with ice cream!!
Aisling had Chocolate Volcano Cake with Ice Cream!!

 The View from the Hotel
Out our window you could see the convention center on the left,
the sports museum in the middle and
Camden Yards on the right.
We were sorry that the team was out of town all week.
Aisling would have loved to take in a game!!


  1. It appears as though you guys really lived it fun!!! That seafood gets me more than the dessert...oh how I L-O-V-E seafood!!! Yummmmm!!! East coast, west coast, it's all soooo good! :)

  2. Fabulous food, fun and pick up service! Seafood is a favorite of mine as well. I can never get enough Crab Legs.

  3. Traveling is always so fun with mom. It looks like you all had a blast.


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