Monday, October 3, 2011


Remember Duff Goldman from Charm City Cakes?
It's a food network show "Ace of Cakes" based in Baltimore.
He made this cool cake!!
I was in the elevator with it and didn't even realize it was a cake.
This booth was selling coconut oil and they had this cake made like their logo
then they served cake that he made with the coconut oil.
I had Carrot Cake and Aisling had Spice Cake.
They were divine!!

After a very long day setting up we headed over to the
Inner Harbor for dinner.

Laurence and I with the USS Constitution in the background.
Aisling and Grandma waiting on the bench.
Viv and Dave had gone to get the car so
we wouldn't have a long walk uphill to get to the hotel.
They are to good to us!! (And I LOVE it!!) 

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  1. Omigosh That is an incredible edible!!! I stated using coconut oil recently. Been trying different browwands looking for one that I can say I really like. So far, they all taste pretty much the same...good, but nothing real distinctive. I'll have to look these folks up! I got hooked on it and agave blended in with a hot bowl of freshly pressure cooked whole grain...yum! This isn't only healthy, but can help you lose weight if that's what you're into. I've been watching all of the episodes of Grain Fusion with Chef Brad on BYUtv. He really knows his nutrients and has done so much with grains. The recipes he has are so good! He's incredible! I got to speak with him and he told me that he's taped 14 new shows. Sure hope they start airing soon!


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