Friday, January 1, 2016

NEW YEAR'S DAY in Bridgewater!

We were invited for New Year's Dinner to the Hunt's home in Bridgewater. 
Since we were driving all 3 couples I was able to persuade everyone to go early so we could hit a few beaches......... 
 First stop..... Queensland Beach
 Elder & Sister Lamoreaux
This is a great beach, right next to the road. 
There were several different cars that came and experienced the "Polar Plunge". 
We had a great time watching. 
Here I found my first ever piece of red sea glass!! WooHoo for me!!
This is what I got on the beach that day. 

The time on the beach was not even close to being the best part of the day!

Dinner at the Hunt's with the Jewers

Hunt's have a beautiful home! It is from the 1800's I believe. 
(I hope Dianne will correct me if I'm wrong)
Dianne and Wayne are amazing hosts. 
From left to right: Dianne Hunt, Elder & Sister Linford, Wayne Jewers and Pat Jewers
Aisling says that Wayne Jewers could be one of Grandpa Zeller's brothers. 
He does look like he could fit. He is also just as kind and funny!

Did I mention that Dianne can cook like non-other?!
From left to right: Laurence, Elder & Sister Lamoreaux, Wayne Hunt
The food was astounding and so was the company!! 
The Jewers are such great people to "hang out" with!! 
We love them all!! 
This is my first try at doing a panoramic picture with my iPhone. 
Brother Hunt showed me how. It's not the best, but I'm improving. 
Left to right: W. Hunt, Elder & Sister Lamoreaux, Elder & Sister Linford, Pat Jewers, Dianne Hunt, Wayne Jewers, Laurence. 

Have I mentioned how wonderful the people are here??? 

I am sure that all of the people we have met here sleep well!!

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