Saturday, January 2, 2016

Everyone Makes Us Feel So Loved Here!

Hartling's in Halifax!
What a fun evening!
Sharon and Bert Hartling invited the 3 temple missionary couples 
along with the Greens and O'Hearons. 
 We had a very fun evening!! 
Pictured above: Bert, Sharon, Elder & Sister Lamoreaux. 

Pictured on the left: from left to right: Bill O'Hearon, Elder & Sister Linford, Bert & Sharon Hartling, Elder & Sister Lamoreaux
Pictured on the right: left to right Jackie & Bill O'Hearon, Elder & Sister Linford, Bert & Sharon, Elder & Sister Linford
I didn't take a picture of all the delicious food that Sharon provided. Yummmm 
I should have taken a picture! She had such a wonderful assortment of delicious food!
 We had a great game of Jenga. 

 Laurence took joy in making it very difficult to follow him. 
Jackie is such a fun person!!
Bill Green was the lucky one to drop the tower. 

Then he played his guitar and sang for us, with Alice joining in. 
We sang along on occasion. Some Beautiful songs. 
Sharon and Bert Cutting a rug..... hmmmm what is it called when there is no rug??? 

We really enjoyed Bill entertaining all of us. 
He and his wife, Alice, are both very talented!

Our thanks to everyone for a wonderful evening! 
Thank you Sharon and Bert for planning this. 
We feel so loved here! 

Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. 
We love Him and are so grateful for the opportunity we have to return and live with Him someday. 

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