Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sister Cliff is Celebrating!!

It's Her Birthday!!

January 23rd Susan Cliff's daughter held a surprise birthday party for Susan's 70th Birthday. 
Susan is the beautiful woman on the right. 
Laurence and I Home Teach Susan and Faith (Faith is the lady above on the left). 
Home Teaching is when 2 individuals (usually 2 priesthood holders) visit members of our church on a monthly basis
 to make sure they are doing okay, help in any way possible and share a spiritual message. 
Here she is with Bruce Hampson, a member of our ward and Family Home Evening group. 
Ron Mepham and his wife Christine (not pictured) attended as well. 
Where are you Christine???
Charles Grant and Rose Bruce.
They also belong to our Family Home Evening group. 
Myself, Sue Hampson and Faith
What wonderful people we have a chance to rub shoulders with here!!
Charles and Susan
Charles is such a tease!! 
Love them both. 

Happy, happy birthday Susan!!! 

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  1. Age isn't a matter of the time spent on earth... it is the attitude you have toward living... that's what I think anyway! Looks like Susan was surrounded by lots of love on her birthday!


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