Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Best Kind of Therapy........

Eastern Passage January 4, 2016

One of the many things I love here is the opportunity a person has to go to the beach
 even if there is only a little bit of time. 

Even in the middle of winter the beach calls my name. 
The proper name for the beach at Eastern Passage is 
MacCormacks Beach Provincial Park. 
As you can see, it is a peninsula that juts out into the harbour.
There is a boardwalk all the way around it and a few picnic shelters and benches. 
An added bonus, it's about 10 minutes from our apartment. 
This is looking back on Fisherman's Wharf. 
There are fun restaurants, touristy shops (during summer) a hotel etc. 

Hard to see, there are about 100+ seagulls floating on the water here.  

Martinique Beach ~ January 7, 2016

If you have a bit more time, a short drive to Martinique Beach is great! 
According to Google Maps it is about 40 minutes from our apartment. 
Trudy and I got new rain boots, we were off to try them out!

It was a beautiful day!
Although there was snow on the ground, there was sunshine and we were protected from the wind. 

The beach here is always beautiful!
I've heard that they also surf here. Apparently right after big storms is the best. 
Not me, water is still COLD in the winter, even if they are wearing wet-suits!
The water here in the ocean is actually not all that cold to the touch, but just look at this just above the tide pools. 

All in All ~ God's Creations are Amazing!


  1. I love that over head shot of MaCormacks beach... I've never seen it before! Great shot of your boots, I'm sure we'll have... or rather you'll have lots of adventures on which to use them!

    1. I'm sure WE"LL have lots of adventures!! :)


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