Saturday, June 13, 2015

I LOVE Running These Errands!!

Last Sunday we were going to go to Kentville to church. 
At the last minute our plans changed and we didn't go.
That did not change the fact that we had a chest of drawers in the truck to take to the missionaries in Kentville. 
Tuesday we were able to schedule ourselves to go over to Kentville via Windsor. 
The Bonn's live in Windsor. We went to visit Sister Bonn, get some rhubarb and have fun!
This is the view from their back deck!!

The Bonn's own a bit of Heaven on Earth! 
They have apple trees, cherry trees, pear trees, raspberries, blackberries and ....


Sister Bonn took us over to Hall's Harbour. 
One of the coolest places ever!!

This was Hall's Harbour when we arrived at about 1:30 in the afternoon. 
Definitely LOW TIDE!!
Can you believe that just a short time earlier these boats were floating on the water?!

Notice how everything is on rollers etc so that as the tide comes in everything can rise without mishap. 

This is how it looked when we arrived. It takes 6 hours to go from low tide to high tide. 

This is taken about the same spot about an hour or so later. 

It is so very beautiful there!! It was so fun!

We didn't get to stay until the tide came back in. We had obligations back in Dartmouth.
This is  a picture I took off the online webcam when we got home. 
Unfortunately, by the time I found it, the tide was going back out again. 

We were there!!

For measuring the tide. 
Mostly for us tourists I think. 

Sister Bonn and Elder Pitt!
She is a fantastic tour guide!!
Brother Bonn was one of the men that built the dock they are standing on. He is a highly skilled heavy equipment operator.

Man oh man!! They have some absolutely HUGE lobsters here!! According to Brother Bonn, the smaller ones taste the best.

I love that there were forget-me-nots growing wild here!
I've always loved them, Elder Uchtdorf's talk just made me love them more. 

We are so grateful for the peace we feel as serve our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ!

I found this cool video on youtube showing in about 30 seconds what it takes 6 hours to do. What fun!!


  1. Well done! I'me very impressed that you were able to figure out how to put in the video of the changing tied in Hall's Harbour! Great Job.

    I love seeing your pictures and descriptions!


    1. I was lucky to be able to google how to do it Frances!!

  2. wonderful day

  3. Everything looks so quaint! You take awesome pictures and your description are great! You are where the Lord obviously needs you two!!!

  4. I so much enjoy your letters and your blog. It feels like you are sitting in my living room and telling us all about it,Your pictures are amazing.I would so much love to come and work with you, but alas I have to stay state side and do the Lords work from home. I am glad you are enjoying your mission and sharing your experiences with us.


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