Monday, June 8, 2015

P-Day with the Sisters!

Yesterday the Sisters stopped by.
They live next door, so it's not difficult especially when we're out on the patio.
Sister Shannon mentioned that she wanted to go to Martinique Beach.
We are always up for a new adventure!
 Martinique Beach is about 40 minutes from our apartment.
And it's a gorgeous drive!

 Martinique Beach is the longest sandy beach in Nova Scotia.
 The beach is about 5km. Talk about soft, white sand!!
 It's gorgeous!
When the tide is out, there is a lot of digging for clams.
You have to have a license and belong to the union to participate.
This is actually on the other side of the road from the beach, they are in a part of the bird sanctuary.
We had a great time walking on the beach!
Sister Lambert and Sister Shannon were so delightful!!
Yes, we are extremely happy!!
Serving our Father in Heaven in this amazing part of his vineyard is wonderful!

Sister Shannon had quite the eye for the jelly fish. She could always spot them.
This is Sister Lambert holding it on a shell so Sister Shannon could take a picture.

These were really odd to me. They reminded me of glass globs.....
One of Sister Shannon's goals was to find a complete sand dollar.
I'm happy to report that she was successful!!
She was so excited, I forgot to take a picture.
There were so many interesting things here.
The sand, the surf, the rocks.....
 Our ever diligent sisters doing their best to spread the word!
 I can't tell you just how much I loved this fun day!!
It was a great opportunity to just renew.
This is a huge quartz rock right next to the beach.
At first it almost looks like snow.
Sister Shannon is the same age as Aisling. They have many similar traits. So fun!

These two sisters are hard working sisters!
Our upstairs neighbor stopped us this afternoon after returning.
She asked how our visit to the beach was and commented that she was so glad to see us take them out
because they are working way too hard!! 

Sister Shannon, Sister Lambert and Sister Pitt
We do believe in God's existence!!


  1. Love this beach! If memory serves me rightly there is a second and third beach as well, after you scramble over the rocks that separate them. I've never seen such small jelly fish! Your pictures reminded me of time I spent there as a kid burying then in the sand when we'd find them... we'd have long line ups going along the 5km stretch. My best friend moved from my street to 1 km down the road from the beach and I spent a good many years romping in the waves and on the sand... you brought back great memories... I don't think I've been there in over 25 years! Time to correct that!

    So glad you are able and willing to explore this beautiful part of the world and are sharing our natural wonders with the world beyond our boarders!

    Does everyone now need a license to clam dig or just in the bird santurary? Bill's family used to do this all the time as a fun family activity... I on the other hand have never done it.

  2. I really don't know about the license Frances. If I recall the things that the people told us I think it's for the bird sanctuary.


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