Sunday, June 7, 2015

Rainbow Haven.....

Our plan today was to attend church in Kentville ~
that didn't work out...... we'll do it another time.
Following church we went to Rainbow Haven Beach.


We had a nice afternoon walking, reading and.....

Rainbow Haven is so beautiful, as was the day....
Can you believe that this is about a 5 minute drive from our apartment?!
Neither can we!!
There were lots of families out flying kites etc. enjoying the day.
It has been pretty rainy here the past few days.
I can't get over how much I love, love, love the ocean!!!

We love everything about Nova Scotia!!
We are so grateful and blessed to be able to serve our Father in Heaven here in Nova Scotia!
We feel blessed beyond measure!!
We see our Father's hand daily and are so grateful!


  1. Beautiful ocean shots! Can almost hear the waves! Looks like Elder Pitt was having a little snooze on the beach... can't think of a better place with the fresh air and sound of the waves... so glad you are getting use of your new camp chairs!

  2. We're loving the camp chairs Frances!! So glad you helped me find them on sale!! We had company use them on the patio earlier this evening.


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