Sunday, June 21, 2015

Flower buds are nodding, Swayed by gentle breeze

A Bitter-Sweet Day!
Elder and Sister Wood hit to the skies today!
They'll land in SLC in no time!
They return to their home in Burley, Idaho as well as 6 children along with kids, grandkids etc!
They have bee such warriors in God's Kingdom. This was mission #7. 
He'll be 90 and she'll be 85 next month. 
(Thanks President Nelson for the pic!)

Laurence wanted an ice cream cone. The sign said "Two Scoops - $2.50" 

Who knew that they were going to make sure I got ice cream!! 

We live in a nice apartment complex. 
Although not required to fix things up as a part of our tenancy, 
we always want to leave things better than we found them. 

 This walkway out our front door, onto our patio is nice, but needed a bit of TLC. 
Laurence took up the concrete pavers, put pea gravel under them,
 reseated them and filled in with more pea gravel. It is so much more even now!  
The sisters and us are the only ones with walkways. 
We found out as we were doing this that the earlier ones were done by the church. 
Whether that means the church itself or the missionaries, we don't know, but sure are grateful!! 

This was taken back in May At that time he was trimming back some of the trees etc. 
He has surely made our little part of the world more wonderful!
We are so grateful that the Lord has blessed Laurence with such good health! 
He has been doing things here that he has been unable to do for years! Tender mercies and miracles!!

Last Wednesday we spent the morning at the temple doing paperwork and working on computers. 
When we finished we stopped at a grocery store, got picnic items and headed to this fun park.

This is such a nice park and lake. It's about 10 minutes from our house.
We enjoyed a fun picnic before returning to spend the rest of our wonderful day in the Lord's house! 

I had read about the lupine here in Nova Scotia.
Nothing I had read even remotely prepared me for it!! 

These pictures were taken last night about 10 minutes from our house. 
There are many more everywhere!! 

This is such a cool area! 

Last, but surely not least! Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband and partner on this journey!
Happy Father's day to my dad as well. He passed away in September 2007, but I still miss him daily!
I am so grateful for our Father In Heaven's plan that allows us to be with Him and our families for Eternity!


  1. I'm sure as the Wood's travel home their family will embrace them with love and know or be reminded of in days what you have discovered in the few short months you've served with each other. They have given much of their time and can enjoy their rest while you are just at the beginning of your mission journeys and may I say once again that I'm so glad it brought you to this area! Thank you for embracing all that is NS, our beauty, and warmth of personality if not in weather. Lupines and ice cream... can't get any better than that!

    1. Frances, we are so so grateful to be here! We love it beyond words! We get all the best of everything!!!
      Don't pinch me!! I DON'T WANT TO WAKE UP!!!

  2. LOVE your lupin pictures, they are beautiful! The Wood's will be missed for sure.

  3. Love your pictures! The lupine are absolutely beautiful, glad you are enjoying them before they are gone!! So glad you are able to spend time doing the Lord's work in such a beautiful part of the country!


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