Friday, May 1, 2015


There's not a lot to write about, but there are plenty
 of ordinary things that have brought us a lot of happiness!!

 Last week we took a drive out to Lawrencetown Beach.
Although the day was a bit blustry, it was so beautiful!!

I tried to capture the magnitude of the waves. It was
impossible. The ocean there is amazing and I could
stand there watching it for hours!

There is so much of nature's beauty here!!
We are blessed to be able to enjoy it!!
Although we did not take this photo (things are not nearly
this green yet!), it shows how everything comes together.
On the bottom right is Porter's Lake, the largest lake in
 Nova Scotia. Above that is Lawrencetown Lake. On the left
 is the Atlantic ocean. It was so interesting to drive through this area.
The lakes are still frozen and the ocean never was. The contrasts are beautiful as you drive along.

 We stopped for lunch at  "The Heron's Nest". What an
interesting little tea room. I had the delicious Seafood
Chowder and Laurence had the yummy vegan chili.
This building houses everything under the sun.
It has a pre-school, surf shop, photo gallery, craft shop.....
The restaurant is on the second floor and the large windows
 give it a great view of the ocean on one side and Porter's lake on the other.

Karen is a member of our church. She lives on the 3rd floor of our building.
She brought me this beautiful jacket. Unfortunately her idea of
my size and my actual size have nothing in common.
I had Elder Pitt take a picture then gave it back to Karen. So thoughtful!!
We think spring is on it's way!!!

This is how we feel about our opportunities here in Nova Scotia!
We know our Father in Heaven is in charge and we are so blessed for it!


  1. Beautiful!!

    Just a little note: I've tried to leave comments in the past, just hope this post correctly.

    Love you guys!!

  2. You have Blessed many people. In glad you Blessed mine! Love ya,

  3. Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! What a great experience you are having! Thanks for sharing!


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