Monday, May 18, 2015


Monday, May 18 was Victoria Day. A celebration of the Queen's birthday.
The Buott family was kind enough to take us on a tour!
We started with Cow Bay..... I don't know about you,
but I don't know that this is the statue I would expect at "Cow" bay.....
perhaps he's looking for a cow?
This is Cow Bay. Apparently years ago there was a beautiful sandy beach here.
The government took the sand to use for building a new airport. hmmmm
It is a beautiful area here. It is just a few miles from our house.
We plan to return!

On to the ferry to Halifax!
Frances and I were on top out in the beautiful day.
The men were below in the shelter.

This is Theodore Too. It's a replica of  Theodore Tugboat in a children's TV series. 

One of many, many fishing boats!
Frances, Laurence, Edward and Bill
On the Boardwalk in Halifax Harbour.
This is North America's oldest operating Naval clock.


George's Island ~ is the largest island entirely within the harbour limits of Halifax Harbour.
For two centuries, Georges Island was a key defense component to keep potential invaders
out of the city of Halifax. During the American Revolution the 84th Regiment of Foot
(Royal Highland Emigrants) were stationed at the fort to protect the harbour from American Privateers.

During the Seven Years' War, two thousand French sailors were imprisoned on the island after the British victory in the Battle off Cape Race, Newfoundland.

We love Nova Scotia and the people here!!
We also love serving God in His Holy Temple!
We are so blessed!!


  1. The water looks delightful. The tug boat is so very cute. The children would have gotten a kick out of seeing it.

  2. You and your camera do a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of our area! So glad you will return to cow bay, and that you are getting the taste of the area so that when time permits you can explore in more detail!



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