Monday, April 20, 2015

Things that make us smile.....

This journey we've been on has had lots of fun, new adventures.
We are looking forward to more.
We thought we'd share a couple of them with you.
This yummy dish is called poutine. It has numerous different spellings.
This seems to be the most common. Take French fries, top them with fresh cheese curds
and a light brown gravy type sauce and you have a delicious dish!
This originated in Quebec in the 1950's.
Many of you know that I love a good thrift store, garage sale, salvage yard etc.
One day we were looking for a desk for our apartment. I was also in need of a container
for Laurence's walking sticks, canes etc. I found all kinds of boring umbrella stands etc.
This however is what caught my eye. It is made of metal and is perfect for our needs.
 For Christmas this year, my niece Adrienne gave me this fun spinny thingy.
We brought it with us and finally this week we were able to get out on the patio
where we could put a cup hook into the roof. It is so relaxing to watch,
and it has a design that has a Celtic feel to it.

A shower head you say..... why in the world does a shower head make you smile??
When we moved in the shower didn't know it's own strength. 
The water pressure was so strong that it would blow the shower curtain out of the tub
and the wash cloths off the hooks at the end of the tub.
You could either have it full speed like that or nothing. 
This was one of our very first purchases!! So glad we did!

We have enjoyed the winter here, we are even more thrilled with the prospect of spring and summer.
This is the back of the temple. I think the snow will all be gone around the temple by Wednesday,
as long as Mother Nature doesn't throw us a curve ball.
We have a tiny patio in front of our apartment.
It's going to be perfect to enjoy a few moments here and there.
Today we got chairs for it.
I found them on kijiji a site like Craigs list here in Canada.
The lady lived about 6 blocks from us.
They're hardly used at all!!

Monday evening means Family Home Evening. This is our Family Home Evening group tonight.
There are a few missing. We had a lovely dinner followed by a great lesson.
These people are really wonderful, we are blessed to be able to be with them every week.


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  1. I love your photos!!! The container for Laurence's walking stix is beautiful! Only you could find such a "find"! The chairs will certainly be enjoyed if and when you have a minute! Look forward to enjoying more blogs in the months to come.


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