Friday, May 29, 2015

I Feel Pretty.... Oh, So Pretty....

 Outside the door to the temple is this beautiful weeping tree. I'm not sure what it is,
but I LOVE it!! I wonder if it's a weeping cherry. There are so many unfamiliar plants here.
It's been great fun becoming acquainted!!

We have such a fun patio! This is my flowers for the year.
I promise I won't buy any more..... (fingers crossed!)
We had a little hummingbird the other day. I immediately purchased a feeder.
We haven't seen any more but, I'm hopeful!
The orange begonia in the black pot was from Aisling for Mother's Day.
It is getting so big!!
I've never been able to have a fuchsia before. I've never had a shady spot for one.
This is the flower that the little hummingbird was drinking from.
We are so blessed to be in nearly ideal circumstances.
We love our mission!!


  1. The first thing I spotted was the humming bird feeder! I hope you get lots of them! It really has been fun to see spring blooming all around us!


  2. Beautiful. Glad your enjoying your new area.


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