Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chicken Burgers and other fun times!

The same night we went to Shubie Park with Buott's, they also took us down to the Harbour. It was just
dusk and oh so beautiful!! We saw one ferry leave and one arrive. I'm really looking forward to a
nice day when we can ride the ferry both ways and just enjoy the view!
The Angus L. MacDonald bridge. It is a suspension bridge that spans Halifax Harbour.
It is a little over 3/4 of a mile long. Known locally as "the old bridge", it opened in 1955.

We have had such great times here!! We do work as well....we just don't blog most of it. 
Someday I'll tell you about my responsibilities.
Monday we had an appointment to have the pickup undercoated to resist the salt.
Frances Buott was kind enough to pick us up from the truck place and take us to Chicken Burger to eat!!
At 70+ years old, it is the oldest drive-in diner in Canada.
Our wonderful chicken burgers and fries. We had cranberry sauce on our burgers. Yummm!
Good-bye Chicken Burger.... til next time!
A short drive around part of Bedford Basin yielded beautiful views! It'll get greener quickly!
The water looks gray in these photos, but it wasn't nearly that gray in person.
The Bedford Basin is the upper portion of Halifax Harbour.

Across the Basin....
We can't express how happy we are!!
Serving the Lord and being with amazing people is so wonderful for us!!
We thank our Father in Heaven daily for such rich blessings!

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