Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Devil you say......

Most of our off time tends to center around one of two things.....
Food and Beautiful Countryside...
Saturday night (May 16, 2015) We had a great combination of both!!

Dinner at Wharf Wraps with great people!! From left to right circling the table.
Sister Leavitt, Sister Harding, Sister Pitt, Brother Green, Sister Green, Elder Harding & President Leavitt
President and Sister Leavitt are over the Halifax Mission,
Elder & Sister Harding are the missionary couple in the office,
Brother and Sister Green are the volunteer couple in the mission office and also in the temple. 
Brother and Sister Green
Brother Harding and President Leavitt
Laurence and I both had Baked Stuffed Haddock that was to die for!
Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.
However, I DID take a picture of the sink in the washroom!!

Following dinner we took a drive down the coast. Here we found a lighthouse I'd been wanting to see.
Devil's Island Lighthouse. The island is now desserted.

Some say it is haunted. It is surely a pretty view from the shore!! 
The island is the outermost island in Halifax Harbour.

I love watching and listening to the waves and water. I could do that all day.
There is so much beauty here!!

This little stretch of heaven is about 6 miles from our home.
How great is that?!
We are truly enjoying our lives!!
Serving the Lord is the best!!


  1. Warf Wraps is a place I hope to get to and have heard great things about! I love that you are getting to enjoy the area that you are serving in. You take amazing pictures and capture the beauty of our area so perfectly! You can be our own little tourist agent!

  2. Great post and I love that sink!
    So glad that the snow melted for you to see the rest of our beauty!!! Enjoy

  3. I like that sink! Perfect Decor for on the bay for a bathroom!

    I love seeing the pictures of you around friends and food! Great fellowship. It makes me smile to see you enjoying retirement. Retirement and Ministry looks good on you all.


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