Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Early Bird Gets the Worm??

Perhaps the early bird doesn't get the worm,
In this case, this early bird definitely gets the gorgeous view!
We took an early-morning drive out to Lawrencetown Beach. 
We went by Porters Lake on the way. 
Birds love Porter's Lake as well!
Sunrises at the beach are so beautiful!
Definitely worth losing sleep for. 
Lawrencetown Beach is a gorgeous beach and it's not far from home. 
 The beach was so peaceful and gorgeous! 
What a fun morning we had at Lawrencetown Beach!! 
Love the birdlife!
We love serving here!
We pray that we always serve with LOVE!


  1. Replies
    1. thank you Annella! We had a great time! I can't even imagine how the pictures would have been if either of us had had a filter on.

  2. Wow! The pictures are amazing! When life settles down... does that ever happen... I'd like to go through some of your pictures with you and get some copies done, maybe even enlargements or put on canvas... I think I see some Christmas presents in these! Thanks for keeping us up to date and amazed at the wonders of creation!


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