Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Work Hard! Play Hard!!

Martinique Beach

I'm a firm believer in, "work hard, play hard"!
On a Wednesday afternoon after we finished at the temple we drove to Martinique Beach. 
Love this beach! It's beautiful, has miles of beaches, lots of shells etc. 
Who could ask for anything more??
It was a beautiful day! 
We enjoyed the sunshine, the surf, the ocean life.....
And..... I got a few pieces of sea glass.
I love sea glass! It's fun to find and doesn't take much room. 

Fun with the Hampson's

On the 17th we got to go over to the Hampson's and help them out with a little project. 
When we finished we went to Gazoo's for wonderfully amazing Fish 'n Chips!
Left to right: Elder & Sister Linford, Elder Pitt Brother & Sister Hampson
I'm glad we didn't wait any longer to go. 
September 27th was their last day of the season.
You can hardly read it, but the sign says 11ish -- 8ish. 
On the way back to Dartmouth, we were treated to the sight of many wind surfers at Stoney Beach. 
Some were doing acrobatics, most were just sailing along! 
We are so grateful for all that shines around us daily! 
We are grateful to have a mission where we can serve the Lord and also enjoy the many beauties of His earth!
We love the opportunities we have to serve Him in His Holy Temple!
It is a privilege that we are blessed to have!


  1. You are getting very snazzy with your photo frames... I'm very proud of you! Where is Stoney Beach, you have referred to it a few times and I draw a blank when I hear the name.

  2. Stoney Beach is the little beach just before you get to Lawrencetown Beach, between Conrad and Lawrencetown. I used to think it was just an extension of Lawrencetown.


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