Wednesday, September 23, 2015



We had the opportunity one evening to go listen to the band Hidden Treasures. 
They were playing at a independent living care center; and they truly were Hidden Treasures
We went with Sister Nelson. She is the greatest!! 
The people there really love listening and dancing to their music. 
The band consists of Lloyd Hart, Roy Fox, Darrell Nelson, Dean Smith and Dale Smith. 
They have been performing together for over 20 years. 
What a fun, great evening and band!! 
Lloyd is a member of our ward, Roy is our temple president, 
Darrell (in the back on the drums) is the 2nd counselor in the temple presidency, 
Dean Smith and his brother Dale Smith. Dale is in the Dartmouth ward. 
The people here loved dancing to the music. 
The bald man is 98 years old. 
What a flirt!! <haha>
We are definitely doing something we've never done, 
and getting so many blessings we've never had!! 
We love the Lord and love serving in His House!!

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  1. The first song reminded me of my Mom and Dad and brought tears almost to the surface... touched my heart!


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