Monday, October 5, 2015

A Little of This.... A Little of That

Stony Beach

October 5, 2015
Driving back to the apartment the other day we were treated
to the sight of  surfers at Stony Beach. As long as you have a wet suit, I'm sure all is well. 
Looks cold to me.  

Halifax Public Gardens

October 7, 2015
A couple of days later, after we finished at the temple we went to 
the Halifax Public Gardens with the other two temple missionary couples. 
These gardens have loads and loads of dahlias. 

These two ladies (geese) head for a wildlife sanctuary during the winter months. 
Does that make them snow geese? haha!!
Love these two couples! 
They are so super to serve with!!
We are definitely enjoying the journey!
This opportunity to serve the Lord is beyond belief!

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  1. So glad you share the special areas with the others! Off time together creates bonds!


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