Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home Teaching in Port Dufferin

Hunting Sea Glass in Port Dufferin

September 22, 2015
We headed up to Port Dufferin to Home Teach our friend Gloria. 
Gloria told us we could find sea glass on her beach, so
we took our friend Trudy with us. 
Gloria didn't feel well, so we didn't get any pictures of her. 
Unfortunately I also didn't get any pictures of her son, who helped us get started. 

Next Stop.... Taylor's Head

We didn't have much time, so we just stopped here, explored for a few minutes and hit the road again. 
We had to get home in time to get our duties taken care of for the following day at the temple

The beach at Taylor's Head was gorgeous.
The sand was so soft and fine. 
I couldn't believe how deep we would sink as we walked along the beach.
There is a beautiful picnic area at Taylor's Head. 
I hope one day to be able to go and use it. 

 The rocks and ocean are beautiful there! 
As is Trudy!! 

Conrad Beach ~ September 29, 2015

We went with the Linford's and the Lamoreaux's to Conrad Beach one day after working in the temple. 
Although we'd driven to this beach with President and Sister Nelson, we'd never actually been on the beach. 
It is a beautiful beach with lots of shells, sands, birds etc. 
The little peninsula juts out from the coast between Conrad and Stoney Beach. 
I love the seashells and barnacles you find attached to the rocks, wood etc. 
Nova Scotia is just about as close to the Garden of Eden as you will find. 
There are many safe harbours in Nova Scotia.
The Holy Temple is the safest harbour of all!


  1. Love the quote of NS being as close to the Garden of Eating as you can get! Also getting closer to finding out where Stony Beach is... Conrads is on one side of it and...

    1. Lawrencetown Beach is on the other.....

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