Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Rocks have a New Home!!

Oh, what a fun week we have had. Every morning and evening (when it wasn't too cold or raining, and sometimes when it was), Laurence and I have been working on our flower bed. We sure did get some really fun rocks.

Some are lava rocks and some are sandstone.

The round rocks that you see sitting on the sandstone "bowl" are found out on the mine. They are all round, although sometimes like a double-yoked egg. Their surface is rough like sandpaper.
We LOVE it, and the birds seem happy with it too!
Next Project???


  1. Those rocks are so cool! It looks really great! Way to go!

  2. Very nice Sid, your garden in the background is looking good too!

  3. wow, you have done a lot of work! it looks great!

  4. Mom says: You can really make something pretty out of those old funny rocks. I like them!

    Viv says: I also like the cool benches and bird bath too... and the flowers! I wanna see another picture when the flowers cover it!!

  5. That is the coolest thing ever!!!

  6. That looks so nice! It's amazing what a rock border can do to a flower bed.


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