Monday, June 29, 2009

An Evening in the Big Horns.... Can't Be Beat!!

Laurence and I LOVE the Big Horn Mountains!! However, we haven't been able to spend any time there for the last 3-4 years because Laurence would spend all of his free time helping out my family with their business.
This year, we decided that even if it was only ONE night we WOULD go up!! Life is too short!!
We went up this weekend. It was great!! The mountains are just starting to really take on color. The lupine is blooming along with the forget-me-nots, sunflowers, mountain phlox, dandelions etc. It will be even better next week.
Laurence has taken up a new hobby, he is really enjoying making walking sticks from diamond willow. I am so glad to see him doing this. He has always been so good with wood and this is something he can do and enjoy without a shop or a garage..... (Don't you love his rigged up flashlight? I realized later that we had a head lamp with us! Oops!!)
Laurence with his walking stick in progress and his iced knee. (More about that later.....)
The one time I got to use his walking stick..... posing for a picture. It is feeling so nice!
More of the beautiful scenery. I just love it up in those mountains!! More pictures etc will follow in a day or so. As many pictures as we took you would think we had gone on a week long Alaskan Cruise instead of a weekend in the mountains.


  1. The scenery and flowers are so beautiful. I'm glad you get to enjoy them. I love the walking stick. I bet it's handy on a hike.

  2. Getting away is wonderful no matter where you go! I love the mountain flowers and scenery. That's what makes Alaska so fun is all the beautiful things in nature.


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