Sunday, April 17, 2016

A Weekend Adventure!!

Sunday April 17, we woke up and decided to go to Annapolis for church. 
We arrived to a delightful welcome!
What a fun visit we had there!
Not only do they have a beautiful building, 
the people there are even more beautiful!

We had made no arrangements for food or lodging. 
I planned to take care of that when we got there, and had internet access. 
Before we had a chance to get on the internet and make reservations, 
Bob & Adele Thompson invited us to stay at their B&B. 
Talk about a bit of heaven!

We had an absolutely lovely room! 
It is the room in front on the second story with the balcony. 
Adele fed us as though we were royalty. 
She even sent us home with a yummy pie!

Monday we took a drive to Mavillette Beach. 
What a beautiful drive we had. 
Much of it was along the Evangeline Trail.
We made a quick stop here at Gilbert's Cove Lighthouse. 

Along the Evangeline Trail there are many beautiful churches. 

Mavillette Beach is a beautiful sandy beach. 
The flat beach seems to go on forever!

Following our trip down the coast, Bob & Adele took us to 
Port-Royal National Historic Site.
Port-Royal was established in 1605 by the French, was France's first successful settlement
 in North America, and became the capital of Acadia.
It was destroyed in 1613 by British forces. 
Then France relocated  the capital 5 miles upstream to where
Annapolis-Royal stands today. 

After our fun visit down the coast we returned to dinner at 
The Crow's Nest in Hillsburn was so, so delicious!
We all had potato skins for an appetizer (far left), Laurence & I had scallops that were the best ever! (middle) and Bea & Sister Hunter had the seafood chowder. Oh my! Talk about yummy!!!
Middle Picture, left to right: Bob & Adele Thompson, Sister Hunter, Bea & Mike Yaciuk, Elder Hunter & Sidney.
Laurence was cameraman. 
Elder & Sister Hunter are member-support missionaries in Annapolis. 

On the way back home Bea and Michael took us to this site. 

You can never get too much of Tranquil Times at Sandy Bottom Lake. 
We adored it there. 
It was so peaceful. 
We saw beavers, ducks, geese etc. 
Most of all we felt the love from the Thompson's, Hunter's and Yaciuk's! 

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