Wednesday, October 14, 2015

An Afternoon with Our Guests

Shubie Park

October 14, 2015
We had the opportunity to have Elder and Sister Pratt from Sydney 
stay with us while they were in town for Zone meetings. 
What a delightful couple!
Wednesday afternoon when we finished at the temple 
and they finished with zone meetings,
we took them to Shubie Park for a walk to see the autumn beauties. 
We took a lot of pictures. 
I think I'll just share them with you, rather than writing a lot. 
Part of the Shubenacadie Canal passes through Shubie Park. 
There are nine locks in the canal. 
Only one still works. 
There are many waterfowl here. Mostly ducks. 
You are not supposed to feed the ducks, but it is obvious that they get fed quite a bit. 
So fun!! Who would be able to resist taking their children down and feeding the ducks? 

 The Shubecanadie Canal was built in the early 1800's. 
It's purpose was to connect Halifax Harbour and the Bay of Fundy. 
It was only operational for about 10 years. 
 Elder Pratt, Elder Pitt, Sister Pratt
Lake Charles
 More of Lake Charles

 Trails through the trees along the canal.

 I fell in love with this guys little curled feather at his tail. 
 Elder Pitt, Sister Pitt

 Sister Pitt, Elder Pratt, Sister Pratt
The Lord gives us cause to believe in ourselves because of Him each and every day!
Every day that we are here, is an amazing day! 
We are so grateful to be in the service of our Father in Heaven!
Our testimonies of Him and His Son Jesus Christ grow daily! 
We are so blessed!


  1. Beautiful pictures as always! I am so glad that you can take every day and every situation and find delight... turning "delightful" into delight of the Lord.

    1. I was so glad that we knew about this beautiful park!! Thanks to you!!
      We need to go see some of the sights together if you ever get a moment.
      Saturday is supposed to be nice......


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