Monday, October 12, 2015


Rather than eat a big dinner with everyone else on Thanksgiving day,
Laurence and I headed to see the colors and a couple of beaches. 
I'm afraid winter is going to come and we'll have wasted the days we could be getting out. 
Last winter is still pretty fresh in my mind. <grin>
First stop.... Spindler Beach
It was a fun beach. Very pretty, with black sand. 
 I was able to find a few pieces of sea glass here.
The piece on the far right is pottery. It is my first piece of pottery. 
It was a very pretty beach. Not well used. I like that. 
Just down the road from the beach.

And we're off......
We were in search of Sand Dollar Beach
We didn't find it and we're not for sure what beach this was. 
The view from the visitors center in Lunenburg
The view as we drove across the bridge from Halifax to Dartmouth. 
We feel like the two most blessed persons on the face of the earth!
We have the opportunity to be silly. 
We honestly know that God lives and His Son Jesus Christ atoned for our sins. 
We are doing our best to be kind and help others find the peace we have found. 
Whether it is in this life, or the next. 


  1. Great way to show you are thankful for nature by enjoying it while you can!

    1. Thanks Frances!! We had such a great day! However, how can one not have a great day here in Nova Scotia?!

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  2. You certainly have beautiful surroundings to serve and worship God. Love the blog postings.

    1. Thank you Glenda! It is so beautiful here!! The surroundings are beautiful and the people are as well! Love hearing from you!!

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