Wednesday, February 11, 2015

We're On Our Way!

Let me begin for apologizing for the lack of pictures in this post. I will do better....
After leaving Colstrip, we went to Billings to spend Sunday evening with our daughter Aisling. Monday morning after doing a bit of last minute "stuff" we headed out. First stop,
 Bozeman to visit William. We got no pictures there. (sorry Glenda) From there we went to Idaho Falls. In Idaho Falls we got together with a college roommate and her family for breakfast on Tuesday. It was so fun to spend time with Sherie Johnson Cole, her husband Keven and her son Dallen. Unfortunately once again I have no pictures. I have no pictures because Sherie does not want them posted and I will honor her wishes. Sherie is such a wonderful person and I am grateful to be able to have her in my life again.
Off to Ogden, Utah. We stayed with a friend from the mission field in Ireland, Karen Robinson.

Let the Marathon Shopping Begin...

Laurence got 3 suits with 2 pair of pants each, along with 2 pair of much needed shoes, several white shirts and a couple of ties. He didn't need the ties, but how can you have a new suit without a tie??
I might have purchased an item or two for myself as well. <grin>

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