Saturday, February 21, 2015

There's Nothing Like Family and Friends......

In addition to missionary shopping, Laurence and I took advantage of the week between RootsTech and reporting for our mission to visit with family and friends. We are so grateful for those that took the time to invite us to visit and worked with our crazy schedule.
Me, Uncle Eldon & Aunt Nina ~ Uncle Eldon is my dad's youngest brother.
We stayed a few days at their home.
Thanks so much!!

Uncle Eldon relaxing and telling us about his life.
What a fun time we had!!

We visited Aunt Rhea and Frank. Unfortunately Frank is behind the camera.
Aunt Rhea is the next sister younger than my mother.

Me, Laurence and Annette DeLattre ~ Annette has been
one of my dearest friends in Colstrip. She now lives in Utah.

Teague, Laurence, Kenley, Sidney, Connie & Brandon
Connie is my niece ~ Teague and Brandon are her sons
Kenley is Teague's daughter
What a fun time we had!

Sidney & Fae

Kaleena, Sidney, Bill

Linda, Sidney, Kaleena

Jessica, Keltic, Sidney, Norman, Laurence

Linda, Sidney, Kaleena, Laurence & Bill
Sidney & Karen
Karen and I have been friends since we served our missions together in Ireland.
We stayed with her a couple of different times while we were in Utah.

Sidney, Karen & Leanna
We met as missionaries in the
Ireland Dublin Mission


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