Monday, February 23, 2015

Oh Ye That Embark In The Service of God.....

The day we've looked toward for years has arrived!!
We're so excited!!

We met our trainers and the rest of our group in the
Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
From there we went to the Salt Lake Temple, where we spent the day in training.
There were nine couples in our group. Four couples were going to the Washington DC Temple, one couple to the Nauvoo IL Temple, one couple to the Manhattan, NY Temple, one couple to the Kona, HI temple, one couple to the Helsinki Finland Temple and then us to the Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Temple.


 We received our badges, we're now "official" missionaries!
(I remember on my first mission, sometimes missionaries would call one another by their first name instead of sister or elder. Elder Angulo would always respond, That is ELDER ANGULO, my parents are paying big money to have me called that. This is because we pay for our missions ourselves, so it is not without cost that we are blessed to serve the Lord.) Odd the things that we remember......
We are so grateful for the opportunity of serving our Savior, Jesus Christ in His house here on earth;
the Holy Temple.....
This is the temple we trained in..... soon we'll be in the Halifax Nova Scotia temple where we will be privileged to serve for the next 18 months! We are so humbled that we have been given this opportunity to serve.

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  1. So wonderful! I'm so happy and excited for you two. Make sure to keep us updated. I'd love to read about all your Canadian adventures :) Love,
    WEndy & Mike & fam


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