Friday, June 10, 2011

Today's Finds!

I Love Yard Sales!!
Vintage bobbins were today's haul.
Love them, and I know we'll love them in Nauvoo!!

This cute little lantern just begged to come home with me.
It's not old, it's not even "real", but it was cute. :)


  1. Cute items!!

    I have a railroad lantern that is red hanging in my dining room. (The only red thing in my house!) I adore it. It looks very similar. They are precious aren't they?

  2. I do really like it Carmen. I would love to see yours!!

  3. Love them. I want to go garage saleing with you. You find the neatest things.

  4. Thanks Glenda!! Perhaps we can go when you're here. I would love that. Of course, as you know you hit a lot of weeks and garage sales before you hit paydirt. :)


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