Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Crossbills are Back in Town!!

Every summer the White-Winged and Red Crossbills
come to visit.
I love them, but they are hard on the feeders.
Notice all my finch feeders are metal
screen instead of the fabric ones. This is because the crossbills are murder on the fabric feeders.
Unlike finches, these guys have bills that overlap.

I am so proud of this picture of a
female white-winged crossbill.
Notice her tongue whipping out to grab the seed.

The male White-winged Crossbill. Much more colorful.

Notice how their bills overlap instead of meeting like most birds do.


  1. Amazing! Those are some great pictures.

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  3. Carmen used my word. Amazing popped in my mind when I viewed your pictures. Do you use a tripod?

  4. I don't use a tripod Glenda. I'm not that organized. I find myself thinking I should get it out when I'm out there trying to take pictures. :)


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