Monday, June 6, 2011

♥ Happy Birthday Aisling ♥

JUNE 3rd
Aisling turned 22 last week---
Annette (aka her "other" mom) gave her a great
Cream Cheese cookbook

Her father (and I) gave her a Colt 45 Black Powder Revolver Pistol.
Watch out Uncle Glenn!!
(She really is excited about it, but her dad had just told her to be careful as he had it half loaded---- ooops!) 

She'd like to do some traveling this summer, so this will come in really handy.


  1. You are going to borrow that Cream Cheese book, right? I want some recipes!!

    Ha! Do we have an Annie Oakley in the making? Wahoo!

  2. Carmen, the year we did this with your dad she had so much fun!! She made her dad promise to will his black powder pistol to her. Then we found this one. They can go out together. PLUS your dad picked up a black powder rifle for uncle L along the way as well. WooHoo!!

  3. Giggle. Yes, I am well aware that he has black powders with him! He spent 5 minutes telling me all about a black powder rifle range that he found in TN. I am sure the farther they get West the more he will use them! And, if Aisling and UL need more to fill their addiciton I am sure Dad would love to have another reason to check out the local shops as he heads that way!

    The Little Lady loves Anne Oakley! It is one of her favorite books.

  4. That is what your dad was doing when he found the rifle for Uncle L. Then he called to see if we wanted him to buy it. and of course the answer was YES!!

  5. What is this world coming to? Black Powder pistol for a 22 year old diva? I'd say bring on the cream cheese and grandmas apron! Happy birthday Aisling!


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