Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garage Sale Time!!

Yesterday Laurence and I went to the temple in Billings.
We always leave home a little early so we can hit a few garage sales on the way into town.
Laurence was disappointed..... Trust me-- I was not!!
Neither of these are particularly old,
but I liked them anyway.
The one on the right is a candle on a spring that moves it up as it burns.
I am hoping that my dear sister-in-law Glenda
can tell me more....


  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! I really like the one on the left. That is an neat globe.

    Sorry UL was disappointed!

    The Kiddos and I went looking at some garage sales the other day too. We prayed for chunky leggos. We can't find them anywhere. We have been looking for them for over two years. I thought for sure I would find some in the Leggo Store down in Orlando. Nope! We found them -- a full set for $5.00. We were so excited. I do believe it was the reason why the lady reduced her price bc the Nicholas said, "We have been praying for these all day!" LOL.

  2. Great find!! I found a picture of the one on the left on an antique site and without globe it was listed at $48.00. I expect it to be around the 1930's-1950's but I'm not sure. Really nice lamps.

  3. Glenda thanks so much!! I really didn't think it was that old. YEAH me!!


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