Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Farewell to an Incredible Woman

Today was my Great Aunt's funeral. She is a Great Aunt in more ways than just genealogy. She is my Grandmother's Sister. She died last week at the age of 103.
Here she is in 2007 at my dad's funeral. She is in the middle in the light colored suit.
From the left: Aunt Georgia, Mom, Uncle Frank, Aunt Helen Dickson, Uncle John, Aunt Helen Walker, Uncle Ron, Aunt Alice, Uncle Milt, and Aunt Rhea.

Aunt Helen was an incredible woman. Her husband died about 64 years ago. Aunt Helen taught school to support and raise her boys. She taught me in the 6th grade. She also taught all the rest of my siblings.
Aunt Helen was an incredible crocheter (is that a word?). When we got married she gave us a set of embroidered tea towels. Here is an afghan she crocheted and won a purple ribbon on at the county fair. She gave it to me and I treasure it. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it is a beautiful afghan.

I am so grateful to know that Aunt Helen and her sweetheart Uncle Ariel are together again and having an incredible reunion.


  1. I didn't know she passed away. Wow, love the afghan! Thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks for your comments Jamie & Tracy. I feel very privileged to have lived around Aunt Helen for so much of my life. Even Aisling got somewhat acquainted. What a blessing.


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