Saturday, December 11, 2010

Awesome Chuck Roast!

Since we got our current stake president, we have had many stake dinners that featured wonderful beef and pork roast as the main dish. Our stake president has his own ranch and he is an incredible cook.

I have taken his recipe and modified it to fit my own tastes. Don't tell him, but I think mine is as yummy as his!! ;) By the way, a stake is a unit within our church, and it includes 5-8 wards or branches. This keeps the church very organized.

Start with a chuck roast. In my case, not nearly as large as President Griffin's. Mine was about 3-4 pounds. I think he does about 8 pound roasts, and cooks them all day.

Season it very well with Redmond RealSalt All Natural Sea Salt and Redmond RealSalt Natural Season Salt. Rub in the seasoning. I have to tell you I LOVE all the RealSalt products!! Until I started using RealSalt, I didn't ever use salt I thought it tasted funny. Now I use salt all the time, much to my family's delight!!

Anyway, I digress. After you have seasoned the roast place it in a cast iron dutch oven. Add about 1 can of beef broth, and put the lid on it. With the oven at 275 degrees, cook for about 5-6 hours if it is a smaller roast. Cook longer if larger. Cook it until the meat falls apart and off the bone.

Now if I have to tell you what to do next you are in deep trouble.... Ours was so yummy that I totally forgot to take a picture of it. That's not necessarily a bad thing;)

Happy Christmas!!


  1. I will have to try this recipe. Thanks! Sounds yummy!

  2. Carmen, try it, you'll be ever so glad you did!!

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