Friday, December 3, 2010

Barbie's View of Christmas;)

"Keep the beauty of Christmas in your heart every day of the year" Closing Quote to "Barbie, A Christmas Carol"
Can I just tell you that I love Barbie?! I didn't have a Barbie as a child. I did however get a Skipper when I was about 8. Dad made a wooden wardrobe and my mom made a wardrobe for her. LOVE it!!
However after we got married, I started collecting Barbie Hallmark ornaments. Silly? Absolutely!!

A few years ago I was able to find two that were stocking hangers. SO CUTE!!
I haven't been able to find any others, I don't know that they made more.

There is a set of 4 that are from other backgrounds. Chinese, Native American, Mexican and Russian. These were all given to Aisling once a year when she was little by a dear friend, Cari Jenrich. We so love her.


  1. What a fun collection. Do you have a favorite?

  2. I so never knew that about you. You have just moved up on my "Awesome" meter!

  3. I'm with Brandee... I think that is an awesome fact to know about you!


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