Thursday, September 30, 2010


Monday was my birthday, but I have had several weeks of non-stop birthday!
My friend Kit took me out to dinner in Forsyth to the Hong Kong restaurant to celebrate. This is a tradition with us, we usually do lunch but since both our husbands were out of town and she was busy working on her house we did dinner. Since she is moving we did it before my birthday. That was a first. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures. But trust me, it was wonderful Chinese!! I sure will miss you Kit!!
While I was in Washington my wonderful cousin, Viv took me out to lunch for my birthday. We went to Ivar's. DELICIOUS!! I had fish & chips with popcorn shrimp and clam chowder. YUMMY!! Lemon Cake to die for was the dessert!! WOW!!
On Friday evening Meledie said she wanted to take Viv and me out to dinner.
It was a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY DINNER for me!! I was so surprised and delighted!!
We went to the Claim Jumper. I think it was in Lynnwood.

The food was incredible!!
Lobster, baby back ribs, baked potato..... what else could a girl ask for?!
So scrumptious!!
This gives new meaning to Sinfully Delicious!!
They also brought me wonderful Red Velvet Cupcake with a candle. Viv and Meledie sang Happy Birthday to me. The waiter said it was much, much better than the usual renditions:) They did sing GREAT!!

Meledie had raspberry white chocolate cheesecake.
Here we see her after she has just dumped the entire thing into her lap.
Good shot!! She only ended up with lots of white chocolate chips on the floor.

What a Fun, Fun Evening
Viv, Sidney & Meledie
Thanks Meledie!!
I flew home on Monday.
Laurence had me meet him at Mulligan's in Colstrip.
We had a fun dinner there.
My favorite there is their loaded nachos
The crowning glory was the sapphire earrings Laurence gave me!
I absolutely LOVE sapphires!



  1. It was a wonderful birthday! I enjoyed it with you but sorry I missed out on the Hong Kong dinner. Let's do it again next year!

  2. I feel Birthdays should always last more then one day!

  3. Again, Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl!


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