Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mormon Aires

This video was taken of the Mormon Aires at their rehearsal prior to President Pugh's funeral last week. This was a group formed by President Pugh and they performed nightly at the Gaiety theatre in Dublin. This is their first time performing together in 30+ years. I have more about them in the following post. The second verse to this song was written by them, primarily Nick Mills, as a tribute to President Pugh.

Thanks to Brad Cox for making it available.


  1. Sid, I had to listen to this twice...and cried through it even the second time. How beautifully touching. What a loving farewell gift to a man who obviously touched many lives in such a positive way! I wish I had had the privilege to have known him, too. What an honor for you to have known each other!

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    2. Oops...! I deleted my comment when I became confused about where you performed thirty years ago. My question was if your group, when it was in Ireland, included Paul Hardy. He used to talk about what a great time he had as a member of Mormon Aires and how well you were received in Ireland. He was my best friend for decades. I miss him every day. Thank you, I'm so glad I got to hear you sing.

    3. Now I'm doing the math... it would have been more than 30+ years ago, it would have been 40+ years ago..! Maybe that's my answer.


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