Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chuckanut Drive......

Meledie gave me a surprise, we drove on Chuckanut Drive. BREATHTAKING!!Meledie with her ever-present camera. She has taken some gorgeous shots!!
Chuckanut Drive is a beautiful byway. It begins south of Bellingham and follows the coast.....
Looking out on the San Juan Islands.

Then it moves into farmland with a beautiful view of Mount Baker.

Thanks for a glorious day Meledie!


  1. These pictures are gorgeous. I especially like the photo of Mt. Baker. Sounds like I need to plan an outing to Chuckanut Drive next time I go to Washington.

  2. I love that drive! It's always gorgeous!

  3. Just breath taking! *stomp my foot* I want to go West!

  4. Ok, that tree growing over the rock is the coolest thing ever! What a beautiful drive!


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