Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wonderful People who have Helped Shape My Life~

Last week Viv took us down to Enumclaw, Wash to visit family. Our first stop was the home where Aunt Cathern is currently living. What a nice place and wonderful people running it. I was so grateful to get to see Aunt Cathern. Sidney, Mom, Aunt Cathern, Aunt Helen, Uncle John & Viv 3 Sisters
Mom (Bessie), Aunt Cathern, Aunt Helen
These women are all incredible women.
Mom will be 85 in November, Aunt Cathern is 88 and Aunt Helen turned 90 in February. Amazing!!
After visiting Aunt Cathern we went to Aunt Alice & Uncle Ron's for a wonderful lunch.
Above: Uncle Ron, Aunt Alice, Uncle John, Aunt Helen, Mom
This has been a great week+ to spend time with my wonderful extended family.


  1. It has been a wonderful week! I am so glad we could go to Enumclaw and see Aunt Cathern and Aunt Alice.

  2. Wonderful people. I'm glad to have such amazing people to look up to.

  3. I think you should consider a move to Washington for at least a few years- starting now!


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