Monday, August 31, 2009

The Wound Vac... Or Why I'll NEVER be a nurse!!

Friday the new portable wound vac arrived at the Colstrip Clinic. That meant Laurence would have to have everything changed out. First they took off all the wrap. This takes you down to the airtight dressing. Now with the dressing off, you see the sponge that is in the wound soaking up the fluids to be vacuumed out.
Dr. Ortiz is Great! However, taking the sponge out really HURT! At first Laurence said he didn't need any pain meds (mister tough!), but eventually he cried Uncle and asked for some medication.
After taking out the old sponge Dr. Ortiz cut another sponge to fit in the space. (Hopefully each sponge will be smaller than the previous one!).
Then it gets all wrapped up again and we're ready to rock and roll!!
AND we got the new wound vac! Can you believe how much smaller it is than the other one?? It has a strap that goes over your shoulder and he can carry it himself. I no longer have to follow along behind him like a little puppy.:) To make it better yet, I no longer have to get up when he gets up in the night. YAHOO!! Tomorrow we go back in for another dressing change. They will change the dressing every three days until we no longer use the wound vac. Hopefully that will only be a couple of weeks. We leave for Boston Sept. 18 so here's hoping we get rid of this quickly!Aisling, note the Weber hat and the BYU shirt?? We cheerfully support/love them both!


  1. I'm pretty sure i'm about to throw up about that BYU shirt...bleh

  2. Wow. I am glad that UL didn't faint on the table by looking at his knee! :) - Praying he has a fast recovery!


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