Sunday, August 30, 2009

Laurence's Knee..... the benefits of Graham Crackers

Considering the benefits of Honey Maid Graham Crackers in post-op.
In Post-op Laurence couldn't quit talking about how wonderful Graham crackers are and how he had never tasted anything so good! It made me laugh. The surgery took about 30 minutes. Not long at all. When they are planning to put in a wound vac they don't entirely close the wound, they put a sponge in it and then seal it up with an impermeable plastic with the vacuum tube coming out of it. They sent him home with a wound vacuum pump, that sucks out the fluids. Unfortunately, they sent us home with the wrong wound vac. Instead of the portable pump, they sent us with the one that is NEVER to leave the hospital and is supposed to hang on the side of the hospital bed. It weighs about 10 pounds. We had no idea it wasn't the right thing. Hey, they hand it to you, you take it..... However, I did wonder how in the world he was going to go to work etc. carrying this thing around. Below is a picture of it.
That night we stayed in a hotel in Billings. I had problems with the wound vac so we called the dr.'s office the next morning. They had us come in and that is when we found we had the wrong pump. Our Dr's nurse spent so much time trying to get us the proper wound vac. She was so GOOD! However, because of complications with our insurance, we were unable to get the portable one. So, after 3 1/2 hours in the Dr's office the nurse told us to take the hospital vac home. (The hospital was NOT happy about that!). It is a very expensive piece of equipment. But, at that point in the ball game, we HAD to have the wound vac, it was not optional. The company told us they would have a portable wound vac out to us within 24 hours. Well, 48 is pretty close to 24:)

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